The Successful Web Designer Certification


This badge indicates the web designer who displayed it on their website has completed every lesson in our Successful Web Designer Bootcamp.

Our Successful Web Designer Bootcamp is an intense 16-week online bootcamp consisting of recorded video training, 1-on-1 support, live online training classes and graded homework assignments.

The web designers who attend the Successful Web Designer Bootcamp get 16 weekly lessons they are encouraged to complete within 16 weeks. However, they have ongoing access to the lessons and can complete them at their leisure. These lessons teach them how to build quality WordPress websites, work with clients, create effective marketing plans for clients, generate traffic (both free and paid), write website copy, Search Engine Optimize a website, create Social Media strategies and more.

What is WordPress?

If you’ve heard the word “WordPress,” you may think it’s a blogging platform, but WordPress has come a long way from when it was first released. In fact, 120,000 of the biggest websites in the world choose WordPress for their websites. It is now a state-of-the-art CMS publishing platform – and it’s free to use.

As part of the Successful Web Designer Bootcamp, your web designer became experienced with creating and maintaining WordPress websites.

Once your web designer completes your custom WordPress website, you’ll be able to make small edits (such as changing text and images) yourself. It’s about as easy as sending an email with an attachment.

We encourage all web designers who go through our Successful Web Designer Bootcamp to teach their clients the basics of editing their WordPress website. This way you won’t have to wait for your web designer to make your changes and you’ll get more value for your initial investment.

Why is it important for my web designer to understand marketing?

At, we believe the only reason to have a website is to make your business more profitable. It’s a crime in the web design industry that so many web designers only know how to design or develop a website. Most web designers you’ll come across don’t have a clue how to make a website that will increase your business.

On the other hand, web designers trained by, can make beautiful, functional websites that make you more money. They understand how to create an effective website that turns visitors into sales. They even know how to bring more visitors to your website…

Here are the lessons your web designer was asked to complete as part of our Successful Web Designer Bootcamp:


We encourage students of The Successful Web Designer to immediately begin working with clients. This allows them to get real world experience and become better designers.

In lesson one, they interview a real client so they can understand the client’s goals and reasons for needing a website. After this lesson, the web designer will be able to create a website the client will love and a website that will make their client more money.


In this lesson, students learn how to convert website visitors to paying customers. They learn how to track and measure statistics, find out which pages get the most traffic, optimize those pages to turn traffic into leads, create landing page (or squeeze pages) and more. In order to pass this lesson, they have to actually create and test a working landing page including an email opt-in form.


In this lesson, students learn how to do keyword research to choose a domain name that will help a website reach a top position in the search engines.

They also learn how to choose hosting for a website and make the website live.


In this lesson, students learn why WordPress is the best way to build websites and why WordPress websites are in such high demand.

They’ll learn how to:

• Build a complete e-commerce WordPress website, including 6 pages, a portfolio, a contact page, a blog and search bar, videos, scrolling testimonials, a newsletter sign-up form, a shopping cart and social media integration.

• Create a website suitable for any business from a Fortune 500 company to a local dentist.

• Add a subscription form to collect visitor’s names and email addresses so the website owner can follow up with them through email marketing.

• Add video, photos and audio to a WordPress website.

• Interview a client to gather information to make sure their website meets their expectations and will achieve their goals for their business.

• Choose an appropriate theme and adjust it to fit the needs of a client.

• Research a client’s competition to make sure the client’s website does everything it should to stay competitive in the marketplace.

By the end of this lessons, students have a fully-functioning WordPress website online, complete with an e-commerce store, newsletter forms, social media integration, blogs and more.


In this lesson, students will learn how to create graphics, like logos or headers, in Photoshop. They will also learn how to add images to websites or find images that will save their clients money.

Because images can block the search engines, they’ll also learn how to make sure images are optimized for the search engines.

And, because images can drastically slow down a website, they’ll learn best practices for adding images while keeping loading time down.


In this lesson, students learn how to write copy for their client’s website so visitors want to buy and return. In order to complete this lesson they must submit a headline, an irresistible offer, body copy and 3-5 autoresponders.

They also learn how to test their website to make sure it will achieve they’re client’s goals.


In this lesson, students learn our proven methods for getting 250,000+ visitors per month, converting those visitors into leads and then to sales.

When they’re done, they’ll know how to create a complete and effective marketing plan for any business.


Social media isn’t just about “likes” and sharing. It’s about making more money for your business through increased exposure.

In this lesson, students will set up their client’s Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and YouTube social media profiles. They will learn how to optimize each profile and when and what to post for best results.

Through this lesson, they’ll learn how to market any business with social media.


In this lesson, students will learn how to get thousands of dollars worth of free visitors every month from Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They’ll learn how to research your company and the competition and create an effective SEO strategy to position your website at the top of the search engines.


At, we believe in team work. Our students can provide their clients with a more complete website and marketing solution because they work together.


In this lesson, we teach students how to price their services in a way that is both fair to their clients and a good business practice for them. We make sure they understand the way to their client’s heart is to always provide more value than what they charge. They can do this by using WordPress because WordPress makes it more affordable than traditional methods to add functionality like e-commerce, sliders and more.


In this lesson, students learn the many options for driving traffic (i.e. visitors) to a website. They’ll learn about Google Adwords, on-page and off-page SEO, direct traffic, paid traffic, referral traffic and other types of paid ads.

When they are finished with this lesson, they’ll be able to create a complete traffic generating strategy for your website.


In this lesson, students will learn how to sell anything. This means they’ll be able to help you strategize to sell your own products and services.


In this lesson, students will learn how to create briefs (so they can effectively outline all the details of a website to make sure they and their client are on the same page), proposals (so they can explain what they do and how they do it in an effective and easy-to-understand manner), quotes and contracts.


In this lesson, students will learn how to consult with their clients to provide marketing and/or website advice.

They’ll learn how to provide on-going marketing services and how to manage their marketing activities.


In this lesson, students will learn how to tie everything they learned together to create complete website and marketing solutions for their clients.

They’ll watch as we walk them through a real-life example. We’ll show them exactly how we took an existing business and revamped their website and marketing plan to increase their revenue by 29.6% and helped them more than double their income from last year.

Additional Training

In addition to all the training listed above, your web designer has on-going support with us,, to make sure they never run into an issue as they design sites and help you market your business. If they encounter any problems with your project, they have an experienced staff of professional WordPress web designers and marketers they can turn to for assistance.

Successful Web Designer Bootcamp Certification

We, at, certify that the web designer who displays this badge has completed the necessary course work to obtain this badge. They have all the training necessary to build and market your WordPress website.

Please note: This badge is given only to students who complete every assignment in the Successful Web Designer Bootcamp. However, anyone can copy and paste this badge to their own website. If you have any questions about your web designer’s qualifications, we invite you to contact us regarding this badge and certification program. Please keep in mind, due to privacy laws, we can only say, “Yes, this person completed our Successful Web Designer Bootcamp” or “No, this person did not complete our Successful Web Designer Bootcamp.” We cannot share any identifying information or specific class results without prior approval from the web designer in question.

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