Federal Regulations and Full Disclosure about Testimonials

We often get glowing testimonials from our students who have experienced success with our training and they are excited to share the results. We ask permission to use their testimonial on our website and/or mention them in our emails and other marketing materials. Many times we feature their success in our Student Spotlights. Click here for all of our Student Spotlights to date.

However, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) requires us to disclose the success of the average student, not just the high performers.

We do not routinely gather the average results of our students. But we can disclose an estimate based on working with them each day:

-The bottom 30% do NOTHING. They purchase the training and we never hear from them again. We have a program called the Member Ambassador where our team reaches out to new buyers through multiple emails in the first month. The students in this percentage do not answer these emails. They don’t send in their goals or reach out to us in any way. They may be using the training, but we can’t confirm that because of the lack of communication.

– 50% do little. This group responds to a couple of our emails. Maybe submits their goals at the beginning, but they don’t follow through or continue to work with our Member Ambassadors. They usually complete a few of the first lessons and then drop off.

– The top 20% are involved. These students submit their goals and complete most of the lessons, including submitting homework. We’ll see them work regularly with our 1-on-1 Technical Experts and usually have at least one website built within the first few weeks.

– Of the top 20%, 15% are very active. This group submits detailed goals with a timeline for when they want to accomplish everything. They work heavily with their Member Ambassador to accomplish these goals. They submit each homework assignment and earn all 16 badges. They attend most, if not all, of the live classes. They also comment on the training and are in frequent communication with our team.

– 5% are fully dedicated. This top group does all of the above plus applies our training to their businesses and they produce results. Using our training they have built multiple sites, have a Google Adwords account, work with multiple clients, and fully complete our training. Many of these students graduate from our internship program and we hire them for various website projects. Go here to see an example.

This STILL does not guarantee success.

We do not guarantee success. We just promise that if you are dedicated to our training, complete each lesson to its intended purpose, put in the time and effort you can experience growth in your business.

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This page was updated on 10/22/12.