Affiliate Disclaimer

At, our goal is to teach our students how to design websites and build their web design businesses. In our training material, we recommend products and services that we feel are the best on the market today. We have conducted extensive research before making these recommendations to you. We would like to disclose the fact that we do receive affiliate commissions on purchases you make off these products and services.

Since we have been teaching web design for over ten years, the recommendations we have made over the years are too numerable to mention. Having said that, when you click a product or service and make a purchase you can assume that we will receive a commission from that sale.

We only recommend products and services that we use for our own clients and we are confident you will receive value for your purchase. Examples would include, Bluehost, Elegant Themes, WooThemes and StudioPress.

Please know that we have not received free products or services from these companies for recommending them on our site. The arrangement is strictly in the form of affiliate commissions.

If you have any questions, you may contact us by clicking here.

This page was updated on 10/7/14.