Using Sortfolio to Drive Traffic to Your WordPress Website

Sortfolio is one of our favorite resources for driving traffic to websites and finding new clients. It’s one of over 80 resources we recommend in our Successful Web Designer training.

Watch this video to see how Sortfolio works, and how you can start driving traffic to your site in less than 10 minutes:

Our training goes into great detail on how to maximize the lifetime value of your clients, which makes resources like Sortfolio even more powerful.

We have over 150 courses available in our Training Library, and we believe this is the most comprehensive web design training program on the market today. In addition to showing you how to build beautiful, feature-rich websites, you’ll also learn how to build and manage a successful web design business.

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Do you have any experiences with Sortfolio you’d like to share? What are your favorite resources for driving traffic to your site? Have any questions? Comment below to join in the discussion!


  1. Do you need your own business website before listing with sort folio or just sample sites of your work?

    • No, a website URL is optional for your listing. You can simply include an email address for contact. I recommend adding your website asap though. Driving traffic to your website should increase your conversions.

  2. Awesome resource! Thanks so much for sharing! With re to having a portfolio site live – can you believe I’ve been in this thing for over FIVE years & have yet to make my site live?! I have a beautiful portfolio & currently 4 active clients (3 of which are high paying clients) …. Just imagine what I could do once I get my site up & a list building campaign running!

    It’s just so hard to spend time on it when I have other (paid) work to complete! Le sigh.

    Anyway, thanks again – I’m DEF signing up to Sortfolio! :))

  3. Hi, amazing resource, just a quick question if you are not based in the USA would this resource still help you?

    • Great question and the answer is yes. If you visit the homepage for Sortfolio, you will find a listing of all the cities that are serviced worldwide. There are several countries. I hope this helps!


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