Training Sneak Peek: Creating an Opt-in Form

Today we’re giving you a sneak peek inside our “Anatomy Of A $9,750 Website Build”. This will give you an opportunity to see actual lessons from the training we have available.

Today’s sneak-peek lesson will focus on beginning your email marketing strategy. What we will show you today is 1) how to determine your irresistible offer, 2) your choices for email marketing tools and 3) how to set up an opt-in form on your website. If you follow these steps, you will be converting your website visitors into leads by the end of the day!

If you are unfamiliar with an opt-in form, here’s what ours looks like:
opt-in form
The reason we recommend creating an opt-in form for your sites and your client’s sites, is to collect your visitors’ information. As soon as your website visitors submit their contact information they become a lead for you. You can now nurture that lead with email marketing with the goal of converting your leads into sales.

Unlike most other online marketing strategies, email marketing allows you to follow up with your prospects on a long-term basis. Studies have shown that long-term follow up is the best way to maximize sales. You can expect to get $40 back in sales for every $1 you spend on email marketing. This strategy will give you and your clients incredible results if you do it properly.

There are two parts to this marketing strategy: 1) creating the form and 2) crafting an offer that will persuade your visitors to fill out the form. It’s not enough to just have the form on your homepage. You need an “irresistible offer” that will motivate them to sign up right away.

Determining Your Irresistible Offer

Your irresistible offer is persuasive copy you will use on your website to get your visitors to take action. We recommend you use an irresistible offer above your opt-in form so your visitors will sign up and become a lead for you.

For Stover Tree Service, the irresistible offer we use is “Free Quote”. It fits the service they are selling. They offer multiple tree services so getting their visitors to ask for a free quote opens the door for the sale on any one of their services.

We have a video for you that will detail exactly how to create an irresistible offer for you and your clients. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Persuasive strategies made simple
  • Tips for being more persuasive
  • Our top 7 irresistible offers you can use on your sites or clients’ sites
  • Examples of effective calls to action
  • Tips for choosing a memorable headline

To recap the video, here are our top 7 irresistible offers you can use on your sites or clients’ sites:

1. Use a limited time offer
Example: Free blog included with all websites ordered in the next 3 days

2. Offer a free trial or free gift
Example: Get our free web design tool kit by entering your name and email address below

3. Offer free info or a free e-book. If this is your offer, use an appealing title for the gift
Example: Do not hire a web designer until you ask them these 5 questions

4. Give a free “Survey of Your Needs”
This is like a consultation where you evaluate their situation and then show them how your product or service is a solution if they need it.

5. Give a free demonstration
If you have a product or service where you could create a presentation (even if you give it via a virtual meeting), you could offer a demonstration of your product or service and how it could help them.

6. Give a free Cost Estimate, similar to a quote

7. Give a free subscription to your newsletter

Call To Action

As you learned in the video above, a call to action is a statement to motivate the visitor to take action. If you are selling products or services you’ll want your readers to clearly see your call to action and then act.

Here are some examples of strong calls to action:

1. Click Here
2. Call Now
3. Contact Now
4. Talk to an Expert
5. Buy Today
6. Buy Now
7. Register Now
8. Reserve Now
9. Get a Free Trial
10. Free Consultation
11. Offer Expires
12. Satisfaction Guaranteed
13. Limited Availability
14. Limited Time Only
15. Immediate Download
16. Easy to Order
17. Join Now

You can use your call to action in the button your visitors need to click to get what you’ve promised them – they will click the button to buy, to join, to register, etc.

Now that you understand how to persuade your visitors to sign up, it’s time to learn how to create a form and which tool you want to use to accomplish all your email marketing needs.

We recommend these email marketing tools for creating forms, setting up your autoresponder campaigns and building your list:

  • GetResponse – offers a 30 day free trial. You get access to all the functionality in the free trial. The monthly subscriptions range in price based on how many subscribers you anticipate. A nice perk that sets GetResponse apart from the crowd is a double opt-in is NOT required for your subscribers. GetResponse allows you to disable the double opt-in feature.
  • MailChimp – both free and paid subscriptions. You can do all of your email marketing for free without having to upgrade to a paid version with the exception of using autoresponders. This is great for starting out, especially if you or your client has a low budget. As your business grows you can upgrade to a more robust subscription that will allow you to set up email autoresponders.
  • AWeber – paid subscription with a low price option. Through AWeber you can accomplish all your email marketing goals. Each subscription comes with support. You can start with a $1/month option for your first month.


GetResponse is our top choice for you if you have the budget for the paid options after your first free month. You will be able to send both autoresponders (automated emails) and broadcasts (manual emails). You will be able to move your subscribers from one list to another. This is important for when your lead becomes a customer and you want them to receive different information from you.

Since GetResponse offers a free trial you do not have to give credit card information until your 30 days is up. This may be helpful when working with a new client.

Watch this video to learn how to create a web form using GetResponse:


MailChimp’s free account allows you to send up to 12,000 emails per month, to up to 2,000 subscribers. This is a great option when you’re starting your business, or for new clients who haven’t used email marketing in the past.

However, with the free version you can only send broadcasts. If you get to a point where you are ready to take advantage of using autoresponders or you need a larger volume, MailChimp has several paid upgrade options available.

Watch this video to learn all the basics on creating and configuring a free MailChimp account for your email marketing campaigns:


AWeber has slightly different payment options available. You will be able to send both broadcasts and autoresponders with any option you choose.

Watch this video to see how to create an account, set up a list and create a form using AWeber:

Tip: “Confirmed” or “Double” Opt-Ins

If you’re building a site for a local business, we recommend you change the confirmed or double opt-in setting to ‘Off’. The confirmed opt-in is an extra “hoop” that your prospects will have to jump through. When a visitor signs up on your form, some companies require the visitor to verify their subscription by clicking a link or button in an email. This creates a second action or a “double” opt-in required. You may lose as much as 50% of your subscribers with this requirement, which will cut your leads in half.

The benefit with using the confirmed or double opt-in feature is to cut down on spam. If you’re building a large list, and/or there’s a lot of potential for abuse, you may want to consider using the confirmed opt-in option.

This lesson is from our “Anatomy Of A $9,750 Website Build” project. As you can see, our lessons are extremely thorough. We don’t leave out any details. To get the full training and access forever, click here.

We are excited to teach you all about WordPress and building your business. Our training is not theory based. We wrote the lessons after building real sites for real clients. We use our $9,750 client as the featured example in each lesson. You will not find training like this anywhere else.

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