Training Sneak Peek: Email Marketing

Today we’re giving you a sneak peek inside our “Anatomy Of A $9,750 Website Build”. This will give you an opportunity to see actual lessons from the training we have available.

Today’s sneak-peek lesson will deepen your understanding of email marketing. Last time we talked about converting your visitors into leads. If you missed that sneak peek, click here. Today, we want to show you how to convert your leads into sales.

To do this you will need to use your email marketing tool and set up a campaign and an autoresponder series. This lesson will teach you the importance of long-term follow up, the difference in broadcasts and autoresponders, how to write an autoresponder campaign including a how-to video on setting this up and lastly, we are giving you examples of the autoresponders we wrote for our $9,750 client.

These example emails boosted our client’s sales by 20%. That’s 20% pure profit for our client. This is an impressive stat that you can share with your prospective clients to get them to hire you.

Follow these steps and your clients will be so glad you are their Web Designer. This strategy is designed to bring money in the door.

Let’s get started!

The importance of long-term follow up

Studies have shown that you’ll typically need to contact a prospect at least 7 times, on average, to get a sale. This makes email marketing the perfect medium for long-term follow up. By following up with your prospects on a regular basis, either with broadcast messages or an autoresponder series (we’ll explain these terms in the next section of this lesson), you can develop the trust and credibility necessary to close sales.

A few things to consider when crafting your email marketing strategy:

  • Email frequency Frequency will vary greatly from business to business. For Stover Tree Service, we set up 3 autoresponders for lead generation. For a local service business, you will want to have at least 3 follow up emails for the prospect’s initial request for information. Be careful about the frequency. Too many emails may drive them away or cause them to unsubscribe, which is the opposite of what you’re looking for.
  • Manage your list Once a prospect becomes a customer, it’s vitally important to remove them from your prospects list. Again, sending customers an email encouraging them to buy when they’ve already bought can make a bad impression. If your client has customers that will make repeat purchases, you may want to create a second list that’s targeted to existing customers.
  • Add value Whenever possible, give something to your prospects that creates value for them. This can be information that will help them in some way, a tip related to their interest in your product or service, or a “freebie” that will be of use to them. This is the same consultative selling strategy we recommended you use in your own business in the Client interaction fundamentals lesson.

Broadcast messages vs. autoresponder messages

When you’re crafting a long-term email marketing strategy, there are two types of messages you can use. The first is a broadcast message, which is sent manually at an appropriate time. The second is an autoresponder message, which is an automatic response to an action.

Returning to our Stover Tree Service example, we’re using a combination of both broadcast and autoresponder messages. The broadcast messages we send for Stover are sent to the entire list of prospects, but we can manually control the timing to fit their business needs. We typically send a broadcast quarterly to two lists: leads and customers. You can deliver the same information to both groups, but remember to treat your customers as customers.

The autoresponders we set up for Stover are triggered when someone fills out the form on their site for a free quote. Immediately after the visitor hits the submit button an email is sent. It’s so important for your subscribers to get an immediate response.

The exact emails we used for Stover are below. These follow up emails represent an automated sales person for you or your client! This is costing you only pennies per day. Use it.

Perry Marshall, Internet marketer and Google AdWords expert, says: “A website without an autoresponder is like a head without a body.”

How to Write an Autoresponder Series

You’ll want to write and set up 3-5 emails (#1 is the email which gives them what you promised in your irresistible offer without trying to sell them).

The goal of these emails should be for your visitors to buy your service or request a quote. These emails should be interesting to your readers and each one should center around ONE topic, here are some examples:

  • How the product or service is different (USP)
  • The benefits of the product or service
  • Free tips or tricks related to your client’s product or service

Remember to answer the reader’s question: What’s in it for me?

Also, your visitors will be receiving these messages via email so you’ll want your subject lines to stand out in their email inbox. Here are some tips for doing that:

  • Make a big promise
  • Use personality
  • Incorporate your USP
  • Mention a helpful tip you’re going to give in the email
  • Be different

After you write your email subject line read it and think, “If my inbox was stuffed with 34 messages on a busy Monday morning, would I open this?” If not, keep trying to come up with a better subject line.

You need to set up your autoresponders in your email marketing account. For a refresher on who we recommend for all of your email marketing needs, click here.

Our top pick is GetResponse.

Here is a video explaining how to create your autoresponder campaign using GetResponse:

Example Autoresponder Series

For additional help, here are the actual emails we wrote for Stover Tree Service.

Email 1: Set to be sent immediately upon signing up

    Subject: firstname, thank you for requesting a quote from Stover Tree Services

    Hi firstname,

    Thank you for requesting a quote from Stover Tree Service.

    Remember, at Stover Tree Service, we want to help you increase the value of your property. Our tree services will enhance the security of your property and add beauty to your landscape.

    I’ll be contacting you soon with your free estimate.

    Thank you,

    Owner’s Name
    Stover Tree Service

Email 2: Set to be sent 4 days after signing up

    Subject: firstname, protect your investment today!

    Hi firstname,

    It’s been a few days since I provided you a quote for our tree services and I haven’t heard back from you to schedule a time for us to come out.

    I’d love to set an appointment with you soon. As you make your decision, please keep in mind Stover Tree Service wants to help you care for your trees and protect your investment.

    To ensure we can fit you into the schedule, please contact me as soon as possible by replying to this email or by calling 000-000-0000.

    Thank you,

    Owner’s Name
    Stover Tree Service

Email 3 – Set to be sent 10 days after signing up

    Subject: firstname, can I answer any questions for you?

    Hi firstname,

    It’s been a couple of weeks since I provided you a quote for your tree care. I just wanted to do a quick followup to see if you had any questions or if I can add you to our schedule.

    Remember, we have over 30 years of experience in the tree care industry. We’re excited to get started on your tree service project to help you add value to your property.

    To ensure we can fit you into the schedule, please contact me as soon as possible by replying to this email or by calling 000-000-0000.

    Thank you,

    Owner’s Name
    Stover Tree Service

This is just one of the lessons available in our “Anatomy Of A $9,750 Website Build”. We believe this is the most comprehensive web design training program on the market today. In addition to showing you how to build beautiful, feature-rich websites, you’ll also learn how to build and manage a successful web design business.

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