Student Spotlight – Mark Borst

Mark BorstWe have another student spotlight for you today, and we are excited and proud to introduce him. Mark Borst has been a student with us for a long time. Mark began with our former training program as a Gold Strategies student. Now, he is a member of our Successful Web Designer program and, most recently, he completed our WordPress Bootcamp and received his WordPress Web Designer certification.

Mark has taken the training he has received through our courses, and used it to create multiple websites including today’s featured website Defense & Security Networks.

Mark made $3,500 off this site and it was his first WordPress website! He’s currently working on another WordPress website. The proposal he has written is valued at $4,200. Here’s what Mark had so say about our training, “This excellent WordPress course has already paid for itself many times over.”

Defense & Security Networks

A little about Mark:

Mark currently lives in upstate New York, with his wife Amy, and what he describes as “three feline office supervisors.”

Mark is active. He loves to bike long distances. His newest athletic hobby is running. At the time of the interview, Mark was planning to run in the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Orlando, FL at the end of February.

Recently we asked Mark to share his experiences with us in order to encourage and motivate his fellow students.

Mark, how long have you been involved in web design?

I have been doing web design, development, and testing for over 18 years, and love the opportunity to work with clients of all shapes and sizes. Three years ago, I left my full time job to pursue my love of web design and development full time as my own company. I haven’t missed working at a traditional 9-5 job for a single minute.

Tell us where you were before your training.

I was working at a company, at a dead end job, which consisted of designing forms for accountants. I always did web work on the side, and always dreamed of getting out on my own.

Can you share the results you have had with our training?

In our business, it is vital to keep your skills sharp. I’ve always wanted to learn more about WordPress, but just didn’t have the time. Thanks to LearnWebDevelopment, I was able to devote a set time each week towards working on my skills and seeing immediate results. I can’t thank the LWD staff enough, they were there every step of the way to help, and provided excellent easy to follow materials. I am extremely satisfied with my training, and I was able to immediately apply concepts I learned during the course.

What did you learn through your training that surprised you?

How easy it really was to set up, customize and deploy WordPress. In past experience, learning a new platform is a labor of love (and hate in most cases). With WordPress, I was constantly surprised that things just work, and at how quickly things came together.

Do you have a niche or specialty?

Building custom solutions for my clients and thinking beyond the box. Many clients come to me with an idea of what they want, but it might not be what they need. My favorite part of the job is the client interview, learning all about them, their business, and how everything works. Add to that who their markets are and how they usually reach them. Only then do I come back with recommendations to help strengthen their company for growth and prosperity. I don’t do cookie cutter approaches, and I tailor entire marketing programs to help them reach their goals.

Mark, tell us where you see yourself in 10 years.

I will have a fantastic team of creative individuals working with me, delivering custom tailored marketing programs.

Do you have any advice for your fellow students?

Realize that it takes tremendous trust for your clients to hand over the keys to their business’ success to you. With that in mind, make sure their expectations and deadlines become yours and then do whatever you can do make sure you meet, or exceed, them. An example of how I do this is to promise a client I will never be late (and more often than not, I will be early) with their projects – and live up to that promise. All too often I hear from clients that their previous vendor didn’t listen, or wasn’t responsive to their needs and timelines.

Following this one rule has earned me more business through word of mouth than any other marketing element for my company.

Check out some other sites Mark has designed for his clients:

CBRN hygietechusa
land-remediation plazafitness
neatec infinigy
shooterstechnology teamrealtyu

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If you would like to be featured in an upcoming student spotlight, please let us know.

You too can experience Mark’s results with The WordPress Bootcamp! Seats are going quick; grab your spot before the deadline: March 26th!


  1. Congratulations Mark! I am glad to hear that this training has been so successful for you. I am looking forward to having the same success soon. Best of future luck!

  2. Congrats on all of your achievements. Thanks for sharing your story!

  3. congrats mark. keep up the good work

  4. Great Spotlight! Congratulations Mark!

  5. I love to hear a great success you have got through this training. I enjoyed your experience and the websites you have created on WordPress. Really keen to get the same for myself in the coming months Mark.
    Good Luck for the Future Projects :).

  6. That is a wonderful story mark, I am hoping to do the course soon and face my pricing weakness head on. Keep the fire burning.

  7. Thank you all for the support and kind words. Good luck to you all in your own training.

  8. Congrats Mark,

    You are living my dream, I to hope to be doing the same. I could not agree more about being on time and always deliver what is promised. I have been stuck with Adobe CS3 for many years now and need to learn Word Press not that Abobe is not good but its not the future. Sure for graphics it’s fine and for some websites it’s fine but with WordPress you just get SO much more! Keep it up you are an inspiration!

    Paul Lancieri

  9. Congratulation Mark, really for enthusiastic story for me as I am also in same industry of webdesign, nowadays I am also learning WordPress for marketing purpose. I’ll show your case study to my WordPress team motivate them.

  10. Congratulations Mark. I must say that I never get paid $3,500…. yet :D


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