The Value Of A Coach?

1129701_abstractToday’s blog topic is “the value of a coach” and we need your opinion to make it a lively discussion …

I’ll start:

We recently launched a new program that makes our already unique training system even more tailored to your goals.

You see, I believe that with The Successful Web Designer you can build a successful web design business very quickly (within a few months). But, with access to a personal coach, you can build that business even faster (just a few weeks, if you’re serious).

That’s why we created the “Member Ambassador” program. Your personal Member Ambassador will:

  • Help you select the perfect training plan so you’ll reach your goals in the least amount of time.
  • Answer your questions and give you feedback on your progress.
  • Touch base with you as often as you want to keep you accountable.
  • Give you a pep talk when you need it.
  • Congratulate you when you reach your milestones and goals.
  • and more.

Plus, it’s all included to make sure you get the most out of your training. Get the details here.

Some say the value of a good coach is ten times what you pay …

I think the value of a good coach is priceless. What do you think? Comment below to join the discussion.


  1. There is absolutely nothing better than to have a live person to talk to with the problems that arise in creating a website. The real difficulty is the cost. Many people like myself have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars for help that becomes outdated or was not useful to begin with. Then left with very little to work with. I think that in order to have a successful coaching program it is necessary to introduce customers with freebies or low cost membership in order to establish a relationship.
    The basic program offered by LWD is sort of there.

    Another option is to provide basic useful information to the consumer at the level they are currently at. In website development this would include a businessman that knows nothing about computers, let alone website development, to the most sophisticated code developers on the planet. The ideal would be to have a website that will provide the most basic needs of computer operation and web development to a place where the most sophisticated is also an opportunity. Without doubt WordPress is the perfect we platform. In the past the focus has been on individual niches. We have been stuck with the idea each of us can be a website developer. The truth is Web development is several niches where more than one person coming together will offer a superior experience for the web user. Any body can build a website. Making a website that is going to provide all of the marketing campaigns, design, SEO, Social Marketing and other events is the challenge.

    • Dave,

      Good point. That is really our focus here – making sure our students get the most out of our training and succeed in business. Our new “Member Ambassador” role makes sure you have a live person to talk to when you need anything.

  2. The Member Ambassador program sounds terrific! Is it different than the 1-on-1 Expert Support? How do I access it? Thanks!

    • Jeffrey,
      I see you are a member of the Successful Web Designer. I will arrange an introduction to your Member Ambassador today. Thank you for your membership; we are looking forward to helping you achieve your goals!

  3. i think i would like one for my self so as to help me.

    • When you join the Successful Web Designer program, one is assigned to you and will take you through every step of the way!

  4. I agree with Dave. Anyone can take up a training (or learn by themselves) and build a website. To make that website meaningful and valuable needs expertise. A coach would definitely help bring in some of the necessary knowledge and skills to develop that expertise. Nothing like having a coach, philosopher, and guide to make better-to-good websites. I look forward to this program.

    How do I access the Member Ambassador program?

    • Hi, Apolina,

      I will have your member ambassador contact you via email.

  5. Priceless is nothing. In our Hindu religion, it is said, if your Guru (Mentor) and your god were both standing before you, whom would you bow to first? The answer is Guru. This is because it is through the Guru you were able to see God!

    I know I have terrific responses already from LWD team for all my questions. However, like everyone else, I would also like to know who is my ambassador.

    Thanks Conrad for sprinkling this course with gold dust!!

    • Thank you for the comments. I just passed this on. Your Ambassador will contact you shortly.

  6. Conrad,

    I just finished the 8-week bootcamp and I am now going to focus on the SWD 16-week program. I see “when you join The Successful Web Designer, you’ll get automatic access to a personal “Member Ambassador.” Your Ambassador will work one-on-one with you to help you get the most out of our training system.”

    I would like very much form my Ambassador to contact me and help put together a personalized training approach, I feel I would probably benefit from approaching the SWD course out of sequence, but I would really benefit from the Ambassador guidance.

    Thanks Much!

    • Hi, Ed,

      I will have your ambassador contact you via email!

  7. I hope this would not be another waste of people time as the last training I took was a flop.

    A number of us can build websites but the issue is generating Sale Leads


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